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Sanford: GOP Appropriators Chipping Away at Conservative Bloc

Republican members of the House Appropriations Committee insisting on passing a large omnibus funding bill will have to persuade the more conservative members of their conference that it won’t give President Obama a blank check for the executive amnesty he is expected to announce in the coming days or weeks. The former include committee chairman Hal Rogers and his colleagues Jack Kingston, Rodney Frelinghuysen, and Tom Graves. 

According to South Carolina representative Mark Sanford, they’re already having some success. At today’s meeting of the Republican Study Committee, which brings together a large group of conservative lawmakers, North Carolina representative Virginia Foxx announced that she’d “changed her opinion” and now supports the passage of a long-term funding bill. (The right flank of the conference has proposed passing several short-term measures to fund the government, or a larger bill that doesn’t fund the Department of Homeland Security.)

Appropriators are floating several ideas about how they might pacify the more conservative members of the conference — over at Breitbart, Jonathan Strong writes about one of them, a rescission bill that would allow Congress to rescind funds retroactively. But ideally, they want to pass a long-term CR, and on that matter, Sanford says Rogers et al. are a “united chorus.” 


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