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Santorum’s ‘Game of Survivor’

Since Mitt Romney has a commanding lead in Florida polls, Rick Santorum will rally in Las Vegas tonight, preparing for Nevada’s caucus. In an interview with NRO, he is confident that he can remain a contender:

Tampa, Fla. — If the polls are correct, Rick Santorum will not win tonight’s primary. But he tells National Review Online that he remains in the hunt for the nomination. “This is a game of survivor,” he says. “I’m under the strong belief that we are going to hang in there. You are going to see some more ebbs and flows in this campaign. We are going to get our opportunity.”

Santorum sees hope to the west, from the Upper Midwest to the Rocky Mountain region. Leaving behind Florida’s air wars, where television advertising ruled, he is confident that he can impress. On Saturday, Nevada will hold its caucuses, and his campaign is hustling, organizing volunteers. It’s a similar scene in Minnesota and Colorado, which will hold caucuses next week.

Santorum predicts that conservatives will give him another look, especially if Gingrich stumbles in Florida. “How many times is the media going to be wrong about this being a two-man race?” he asks. “Whoever is in the race is in the race.”


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