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Santorum’s Tough Entitlement Talk

Rick Santorum positioned himself as the tough on entitlements candidate in his speech at the Republican Leadership Conference today.

He pointed out that he has supported Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan from its introduction, and hadn’t wavered. But he also discussed how the debate over entitlements was so fraught that even Ryan hadn’t addressed the issue as comprehensively as possible.

 “As brave as Paul Ryan is, look at what he’s proposed. He doesn’t touch anyone with an entitlement,” Santorum said. “All of his changes are for people in the future. He wouldn’t dare. No one dares.”

Santorum noted his reputation as a staunch social conservative, mentioning that he felt on the debate Monday night CNN had decided to shoot all the social questions at him. “That’s okay, because I’m used to that. I’m proud to stand for life,” Santorum said.

He added that “someone in this party needs to stand up and say [the social issues] are just as important” as the economy and national security issues.

Santorum referred to Obamacare as a “game changer,” noting how Margaret Thatcher’s reform attempts had been hampered by Britian’s government-provided health care. He said that if it was not repealed, “it will make America the country your ancestors left.”

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