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The Mystery of Pronunciation

I have done a new Jaywalking, and it includes a story about Saoirse Ronan, a young Irish actress. I had to learn how to pronounce her name (the first one): “SUR-sha.”

I had a memory of The Arsenio Hall Show (which started in the late ’80s and ran into the ’90s). Sade was a hot pop star, and you pronounced her name “Shar-DAY.” Arsenio said approximately this: “How do you get ‘Shar-DAY’ out of S-a-d-e? That’s like saying, ‘My name is B-o-b, but I prefer to pronounce it “linoleum.”’”

It’s funny about memory. I’m a little hazy about last night, but I remember Arsenio’s line as clear as a bell.

Anyway, that Jaywalking is here. And if you’d like a concert review, try here, for Matthias Goerne and Daniil Trifonov at Carnegie Hall.


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