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This Is Sarah

From an Alaskan in Palin circles: 

many are writing her political obit now but in the past she’s always 

risen from the ashes because she “connects” so well w/ ordinary people.  

will she run for prez?  I would say “probably” just because that’s her 

history/pattern.  she ran for lt guv in 2002 and no one thought she had a 

prayer.  she spent pennies compared to the other 4 and came in 2nd.  

then she took that job at the oil & gas commission but quit that to run 

for guv. no one gave her a chance and yet she won the primary then went 

on to beat Tony Knowles.

honestly, I have to take the resignation at face value — she was weary 

of the unending ethics complaints that she had to defend personally – 

they are not wealthy people and the debt was staggering.  This allows 

her to finish her book, go on tour, and never have to worry again about 

being a state employee subject to the Executive Branch ethics laws.  she 

can hopefully knit her family back together and then after the 2010 

election, see how she’s polling and how much $$$ she’s raised.

My Alaskan adds: “she has seemed tired … not having any fun anymore. The Auburn thing was such a shot of adrenalin. Why stick around here?”

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