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Sarah Palin — The Great Conservative Hope?

Ramesh, I’m sure you’ve shown your cards somewhere on this matter, so at the risk of asking an ignorant question, do you think our lady up north is worth conservative embrace? Your post hints that you might. If so, what exactly has she done as governor to warrant this affection? As far as I know, her main accomplishments up there are two-fold. First, she taxed and regulated the oil companies out of virtually all remaining marginal plays in Alaska and then crowed endlessly on the campaign trail about how she faced-down the “special interests.” Then, she signed into law a stunning array of renewable energy subsidies that would be the envy of any blue-stater.

Sure, she delivers a great speech (not sure if she can write one though). But has she done anything to warrant this love she gets from some quarters on the Right besides her demonstrable ability to play the Merle Haggard card against the cultural Left?   


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