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Sarah Palin Winks Again

Here’s my interpretation of Governor Palin’s “WTF” moment on Greta van Susteren’s FNC show last night (referring to “Winning the Future,” making the obvious urban-dictionary connection in shorthand, tying it to the substance of the president’s State of the Union Tuesday night): It was another wink on national television. After the still somewhat unbelievable Tucson drama — the Left and the media’s frenzy over her, their making her a part of the story — this is Sarah Palin lowering expectations a tad. This was a wink to everyone who takes her every word, every tweet as a strategic move. 

The wink, translated: I’m just a pundit. Your guess is as good as mine about my future; I’m still discerning that, still making my way in this weird but exciting spot I’m in. I’m taking opportunities as they come, looking for what’s best for my family, for opportunities to do good for my country, and for good people I can help with my voice. But I’m not governor and I’m not president. I’m going to tell you what I was thinking during the State of the Union address because that’s what I get paid to do. 

Of course, I could be falling into the trap of taking three letters way too seriously, too. But I doubt it — they are a hard-to-miss three letters!

P.S./UPDATE: I do regret that we’ve got “wtf,” among other things, on The Corner today. May this media moment soon pass!


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