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Sarah Takes After Abe?

Why, yes, actually, in one important respect, she does.  A reader makes a remarkably persuasive case:

All the talk of experience in a VP misses the point; the whole concept of checks and balances implies our founding fathers knew we would be flying by the seat of our pants half the time. So?


Rather than experience we should look towards the concept of mastery. Lincoln is a good example. He spent a fair number of years as a suffling lawyer but he mastered the one great civic-political issue of his day (aside form the moral issue of slavery) – the power and develpment of rail transport in American life. He knew everything there was to know about railroads and land and financing and legal ins and outs concerning the power of rail in the 1850s.


Remember that when you hear Ms. Palin going on about energy. She has mastered the land, legal, technical concepts relating to the oil industry; even more she knows the power politics of big oil as it relates to the biggest state in the union and all the other states as well. Just for fun of it some reporter should ask her: “can you describe what the oil companies are doing to protect their rigs from Hurricane Gustav?” Watch jaws drop as she describes to a “T” what you need to do to protect off-shore rigs from harsh weather.


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