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Sarkozy’s Charm Offensive.

 Delusions of Bonaparte (via PoliticsHome):

Nicolas Sarkozy really doesn’t like the British at the moment, does he? After telling David Cameron the other weekend that he had “lost a good opportunity to shut up, the French President today slapped down the BBC’s Paul Mason for a question about France and Germany’s intentions for the Governments of Europe. Mr Mason asked: “It’s evident that you and Mme Merkel, the two most powerful governments in Europe, are trying to change the governments of Italy and Greece. How is that just? And once it’s started, where does it stop?” Mr Sarkozy politely replied: “We didn’t want to change the Government ether in Greece or in Italy, that’s not the role we play and that’s not my idea of democracy either, but it’s quite clear that in Europe, and perhaps the fact that you come from an island, you can’t understand the subtleties of the European construction.”

Subtleties? The “subtleties of European construction” are somewhere below those of Lego.


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