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Saturday Night Sunday-School Class


A Catholic priest in the heartland e-mails about his parish plans for making use of the remarkable Catholicism series I write about here:

Each month We are hosting a Saturday evening viewing of Catholicism on a big screen with big sound. The attempt is a sort of theology on tap at the parish – appetizers and refreshments (21 and over) available in a beautiful large room adjacent to the church. that is set up marvelously to make for a comfortable and enjoyable night – giving cause especially for younger people to spend their Saturday evenings at church. 

The series is like an insta-intro to Catholicism. So, of course, parishes are making use of them.

And some of it is being aired on PBS.

The deal about that is: There are ten episodes in total. Some of them will be on most PBS stations. Others will be shown on EWTN. Yet others are available for purchase, as they all are.

The fact that a show hosted by a priest who is not looking to be entertaining but point to the richness of the faith he has dedicated his life to speaks to how well put together the series is — on location, in high density …

But as I point out in my syndicated column:

You don’t have to be Catholic, want to be Catholic, or even like Catholics to go on this journey. It’s not a homily. Barron doesn’t preach at you. Perhaps wowed by the high-def wonder of it all, more than one PBS station agreed it is worth a look.

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