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Sauce For The Goss

In his testimony Wednesday, CIA Director Porter Goss made a vague reference to the fact that campaigning for Mexico’s presidential election next year would likely stall progress in various reform initiatives there. An observation almost certainly true, and completely unobjectionable.

Except that the Mexicans objected. The interior secretary, Santiago Creel, said, “It’s also reprehensible for an agency of a foreign government to be expressing opinions about Mexican affairs. I reject interference in affairs of an internal character … in which the CIA has no reason to be making opinions.” This is the same government that is distributing a handbook on how to sneak into the United States and avoid detection, calling on native-born Americans to acquire dual citizenship and influence U.S. policy to the benefit of Mexico, and which is furiously lobbying from coast to coast for acceptance of its illegal-alien ID cards, in-state tuition, and drivers licenses for illegal aliens. “Interference in affairs of an internal character” indeed!