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Saudi Reaction

There is this—”The Enemy Within“–from the Arab News:

We have to face up to the fact that we have a terrorist problem here. Last week’s Interior Ministry announcement that 19 Al-Qaeda members, 17 of them Saudis, had planned terrorist attacks in the country and were being hunted was a wake-up call — particularly to those who steadfastly refuse to accept that individual Saudis or Muslims could ever do anything evil, who still cling to the fantasy that Sept. 11 and all the other attacks laid at the doors of terrorists who happen to be Arab or Muslim were in fact the work of the Israelis or the CIA. For too long we have ignored the truth. We did not want to admit that Saudis were involved in Sept. 11. We can no longer ignore that we have a nest of vipers here, hoping that by doing so they will go away. They will not. They are our problem and we all their targets now.

Somewhat shocking.

That is in English, however. The English-language state-sponsored daily that they know we read.

So what’s being said in Arabic? Here’s a Saudi columnist MEMRI translates for us:

Hamad bin Hamed Al-Salame wrote: “Oh foreign cave-dwellers, depart our country and go to hell!… Leave us. We are a believing people, and our government is wise… Go with all your ugliness and baseness… Go to hell. All your terrorist acts and bomb blasts will not make us bow our heads… Go to the place from whence you came, to the caves of Tora Bora, and kiss the feet of your masters who taught you to spill blood and kill innocents… They were the ones who taught you how to lie, deceive, and mislead the simple folk. Go, cowards… go to hell, or go to the heaven of your leader, who taught you sorcery in the caves of Tora Bora. Sit by his side in the dark paradise of ugly ideas and deeds… which if distributed to all the inhabitants of the Earth would suffice them until the Day of Judgment…”

“Go, idiots, and awaken all the sleeper cells… Wake them, and go with them, far from us. You have no place among us… Go to hell.”(8)

Not the usual Saudi press. Wonder what the Wahhabi imans will be saying Friday…


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