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Save the Kids

Pause for a brief public-service announcement: I know that lots of dads are feeling lonely today because their kids are in another’s custody.

We also know that Father’s Day doesn’t get near the attention of Mother’s Day. Half as much money is spent on father’s day gifts, and 95 million cards go to dads compared to 150 million for moms. But who’s counting?

Finally, though dads receive almost as many calls as moms do on their designated special day, Father’s Day boasts the highest number of collects calls of any other day in the year.

Moms, if you let your kids call their dads, don’t make them call collect. And Dad, don’t wait for the kids to call.Sometimes they can’t; sometimes they don’t know how. If you’re a father apart from your children today, pick up the phone and call them. They’re kids, after all.


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