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The Sawbuck Challenge: For the Price of a Cup of Coffee

I’d like you to donate $10 to National Review. That’s the price of one cup of coffee. Admittedly, a 220-ounce cup. But think about how much a . . . dare I call it measly? . . . sawbuck, from those of you who come to NRO relentlessly and enjoy the free free freediness of it all every day — think about how much a minimal amount of support could mean to us in the collective. It would be huge. Even, yuuuge.

Your chump change is our gold.

Would you help? Please. Hey, if my plea falls on deaf ears, maybe Jonah’s won’t. The G-File is out (if you aren’t subscribed, you’ll have to wait until we publish it this weekend) and amidst its bevy of terrificness of and wit and wisdom is a kindly reminder to all that we are encouraging NRO regulars to consider being part of our Webathon.

Says our pal: “I know it’s a busy time of year for everybody. But it’s busy at NR all year long. If you’re in a giving mood, and want to send some cheer our way for all the work we do, Comments

Ctrl+Click or tap to follow the link”>here’s where to go.”

Usually when Jonah tells me where to go, it’s not pretty. That said, what would be pretty is your help. Many thanks.