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Say It Ain’t So

From a reader in response to my Rosie column:

Jonah, please tell me that people who shout their stupidity from the mountain tops only do it to tick us off.  Please tell me that they really do know science and just enjoy watching us pull our hair out.  If this isn’t the case, then we’ve already lost.  How do you reason with someone who can’t?

Me: I hate to tell you this, but the number of people who think Rosie is gospel, has all the facts on her side, and is speaking truth to power is depressingly large. You should see the email coming into my syndicated column address. “Why don’t you deal with the facts!” “You have to ridicule her because you can’t refute her!” Etc etc.  

Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor of National Review and the author of Suicide of the West, holds the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute.

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