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Say It Ain’t So Steve Hayward

Steve – You can tell us. Did you stand up and applaud Al? From today’s Washington Post:

So just how moved were conservatives by Al Gore ’s global-warming slide show? While energetically flacking his new documentary at a convention of theater owners in Vegas Monday, Gore told a story about the warm reception he got at a Grover Norquist breakfast gathering here in January. In Variety’s account of the speech, Gore said that D.C. conservatives “stood up afterward and said, ‘You’re absolutely right.’ “

How many conservatives? Three people at the convention tell us Gore left the distinct impression he received multiple kudos, “many” in Variety’s telling. That got a chuckle from the breakfast club, whose members recall a polite response but only one attendee approaching Gore with praise. Gore’s people deny any hyperbole, saying he never claimed more than one enviro-conversion at the meal and may have been misquoted. His documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” hits theaters in May.

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