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Scaife Vs. Soros

Byron York notes that George Soros is becoming quite the Democratic Party moneybag. Will he be as demonized as “rabid” Richard Scaife? (AP called him “vehement” in its write-up of Scalia’s ISI speech.) Here’s a peek at the imbalance of the coverage of these men from the old MRC Media Watch archive:

The April 21 issue of Time magazine featured its list of the “25 Most Influential” people of 1997. According to Time, if you’re a millionaire and you help conservatives, you’re contributing to the breakdown of society. If you’re a billionaire who gives solely to liberal causes, you’re seen as a savior.

On one page Time profiled Richard Scaife, whom the magazine labeled a “Conservative Agitator.” His bio began: “If conservative thinkers like Bill Bennett and Paul Weyrich are the brainpower behind the resurgent American right, the horsepower comes from Richard Mellon Scaife. For close to four decades, the 64-year-old Pennsylvanian has used his millions to back anti-liberal ideas and their proponents.” Later, Time added: “He controls the Sarah Scaife Foundation, which helps subsidize rabidly anti-Clinton magazines as well as conservative social-policy projects.” If Scaife is considered a “conservative agitator,” it would follow that George Soros would be tagged a “liberal agitator,” but Time’s subhead labeled him a “philanthropist.” Soros’ bio read: “And he has been stirring controversy by directing his dollars to an array of hot-button political causes tied to his personal ideal of an ‘open society’ and by writing an iconoclastic critique of free-market capitalism.” Among the projects promoted by this “philanthropist,” Time noted: “$1 million to help pass initiatives in California and Arizona last year that legalized medicinal use of marijuana,” and “$50 million for a fund to help legal immigrants” overcome welfare reform.

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