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Forthcoming Book of Justice Scalia’s Speeches

I am delighted to pass along news of a wonderful book project that I am undertaking. At the invitation of the Scalia family, Christopher J. Scalia (son of Justice and Mrs. Scalia) and I are compiling and editing Justice Scalia’s best speeches for publication in a single-volume collection.

I knew that Justice Scalia had delivered brilliant speeches on various aspects of the law and the judicial role, and I was also familiar with two of his outstanding speeches on faith and religion. But I have been dazzled to discover the broad range of topics—including even hunting, sports, and opera—that he addressed in hundreds of speeches across the country and around the world, all with his characteristic wit and wisdom. It has been a delight to read through the speeches, and I am honored to have the opportunity to help present them to a general audience.

Chris Scalia and I, with the expert assistance of legendary attorney Bob Barnett, are now in the process of talking with publishers.