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A Scandal about the Handling of the Scandal

As Byron York points out, the Russia controversy has now crossed the Washington event horizon into a scandal about the handling of the scandal. It seemed pretty clear that this is where we could be heading upon the firing of James Comey. This evolution removes the pressure from Democrats to produce any evidence of collusion with the Russians, which was supposed to be the scandal at the beginning. If Democrats take the House next year with any margin for error, I would expect them to impeach Trump even in the absence of a smoking gun, if anything like the current environment obtains (he’d only get removed by the Senate if things get much worse). Assuming there isn’t a smoking gun, this whole matter could have been a scandal largely about Trump’s ex-national security adviser. Instead, Trump’s ham-fisted, self-defeating attempted scandal management has parlayed into something that is going to dog him for a long time, and perhaps — if the Democrats do take the House and impeach him — result in a historic blot on his presidency.


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