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Scandal Culture is Claiming Our Best-Named Politicians

First they came for Tom Delay. Now Rep. Doolittle is going down. Come on, these are the most conservative names a politician can have. Does anyone think this is just a coincidence?

Clarification: I just received this email:

Dear Jonah,   I had just read John Fund’s Opinion Journal piece on Doolittle before I surfed to The Corner and saw your post.  Fund documents how far Doolittle had fallen from his early conservatism in Sacramento & state government to being a “perkaholic” in Congress with Maxine Waters as his sidekick!  How sad … Here’s the link to Fund’s column:

Just to be clear, I’m not defending these men on the merits. I’m defending their conservative names. “Doolittle” and “Delay” are positively allegorical in their symbolism. Would that all of our politicians had names to match their ideologies. I’d like Representative Reactionary or Senator Suckup, Congressman Corrupt or Senator Sagacious would be good too. 


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