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Scarborough: Bridgegate Coverage Is Getting Tedious

With no reports that New Jersey governor Chris Christie knew about the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge, Joe Scarborough thinks that his show, Morning Joe, is giving too much attention to the scandal.

“Right now, we’re just reading the tea leaves,” Scarborough said. “I guess people can keep putting this — I didn’t want to put it at the top of the show because I thought it was tedious. But Mika said some things broke yesterday, where he was, the timeline.”

The Left has been “crazy” about the scandal, according to Scarborough, and he is “shocked by the vitriol the Left has for the New Jersey governor.”

MSNBC contributor Mike Barnacle agreed with Scarborough saying, “The story can officially be labeled tedious. . . . It’s so overblown. Again, if nothing occurs, nothing comes out, the story dies.”

Morning Joe spent the first 18 minutes of the show on Bridgegate.

Via Mediaite.

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