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Scare ’em

That’s the Pelosi way:

House Democrats are being urged this recess to combine their electoral sales pitch on issues like health care and jobs with warnings about how a Republican Congress would jeopardize the party’s legislative accomplishments.

“Plan your public events, communications, and editorial board visits at home to highlight what Republican control of Congress would mean, and your hard work for the middle class on issues,” the Memorial Day recess packet prepared for rank-and-file House Democrats reads. “Democrats have a strong story to tell, and we hope you’ll highlight this contrast with Republicans back home.”

“On health reform, all of us need to keep communicating – particularly with seniors – the tangible benefits that will make a very real difference in the lives of our constituents,” the top four House Democrats wrote to colleagues in the recess packet introduction. “[W]e still need to clear up basic misinformation . . . We also must make clear how real the Republicans’ plans are to do away with these health reform benefits we are just starting to see.”


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