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The Scene in Dover

Dover, Del. — Christine O’Donnell is huddling with her advisers at Elks Lodge #1903. Her aides tell us that turnout has been high, from Indian River to Wilmington. At 7 p.m., with an hour left until the polls close, O’Donnell, in a bright red blouse and black pants, is beaming. Her large Irish family is milling about, sharing their stories from the trail.

“We are still biting our nails,” O’Donnell says. She tells us that voters came up to her today with “tears in their eyes,” thankful that they will be “heard again.”

“They said Ronald Reagan was unelectable,” O’Donnell says, brushing off concerns about her electability this fall. The real issue, she says, is that Rep. Mike Castle, her opponent in today’s GOP Senate primary, along with other “establishment Republicans,” have “lost their way.” The establishment GOP, she adds, has an “obnoxious sense of entitlement.” Her candidacy, she argues, is a “challenge to their power.”

As O’Donnell does local media hits, her supporters — in sky blue T-shirts — are munching on fried chicken, coleslaw, and salad. The politicos, of course, are downing cups of joe in the corner.


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