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Schiavo & The Right Ii

On the TV chat show “Inside Washington” this weekend, the long-time liberal reporting legend Jack Germond is dismayed about the “yahoos” for life:

“I am surprised about this. I spent some time with Jeb Bush on a couple of occasions when he was running in Florida and found him a very nice, attractive, bright guy. I thought he was, you know, the superior politician in the family, like everybody said. And I didn’t think he was a nut case. And what he’s doing is he’s playing to the yahoos by doing this. That’s the only answer….this, you know, this is another gesture, I mean Karl Rove might be behind this one, this is another gesture to the far, religious right.”

PS: It might help to remember that Mrs. Germond is a DNC official and NARAL Vice President.

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