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Schmidt Fires Back on Ayers Ad

Just got off the phone with Steve Schmidt, who had this to say about the Obama Ayers ad:

That they’ve made a strategic decision to air a commercial about William Ayers is perplexing. I don’t understand it, but put that aside. The ad is misleading. It states the McCain campaign is running an ad on the issue and it’s not. This a pattern of attacking from a platform of disingenuousness when Obama accuses his opponent of attacking when he’s not, in an attempt to disqualify the issue from the debate. Here’s Obama’s problem with regard to Ayers. When he was asked directly, Obama described Ayers as just a guy who lives in his neighborhood. We know that’s not accurate. Before we get to the place where we can ask, “Why does Barack Obama have a relationship with an unrepentant terrorist?” we have to ask, “Why is Barack Obama not being forthcoming about his relationship?” This is what he has to realize: He’s a candidate for president of the United States of America. He’s not in a state senate race where he can disqualify all his opponents from running. He’s deluding himself if he doesn’t think his relationship with an unrepentant domestic terrorist who was part of this viscous, crack-pot group will give the American people pause. If he does, he’s being very naïve. And he’s being misleading. It says a lot about Barack Obama. John McCain is not running an ad on Ayers and William Ayers was not just someone who lived in his neighborhood.


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