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Schumer: “Like a Banana Republic”

New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer took time out from the debate over judicial nominees today to hold a conference call with a group of left-wing bloggers. According to several accounts, Schumer said that the situation on Capitol Hill is “like a banana republic” and charged that the entire Republican party has been taken over by religious extremists. In the words of one blogger’s account: “Why are the Republicans doing this when, in Schumer’s words, there are 25 Republican Senators who believe in the filibuster? Four words.

The Extreme Religious Right. James Dobson & Co. To put it plainly, this is Schiavo Part 2. Frist has made a despicable Faustian bargain – do what Dobson tells him on the Nuclear Option, judicial nominees, and just about everything else, and they will back him for President in 2008.

It is that simple. Senator Schumer expressed amazement at the total control that the Extremists have over the WHOLE Republican Party. He stated that is has never been like this before.”


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