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He just said he wanted to know what Alito would do when a president goes too far. What about when a senator goes too far? Could a Justice Alito rule that, on account of excessive bloviation — not to mention the criminal use of half-glasses in order to appear scholarly — Schumer go at least twelve minutes without being allowed to talk to a reporter or appear on a television camera? Granted, such a ruling would be unconstitutional. But so satisfying. (Just to be bipartisan, Lindsey Graham ought to put a sock in it too.)

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The Inquisitor Has No Clothes

This is a column about impeachment, but first, a confession: I think I might be guilty of insider trading. At this point, I would like to assure my dear friends at the SEC that I do not mean this in any actionable legal sense, but only in principle. Some time ago, I was considering making an investment in a ... Read More
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Shaming Women Who Vote Right

Some progressives have decided that rather than convincing women that their candidates and policy proposals are better than those of conservatives, they will shame women who fail to vote for the Left by defining them all as racist and self-loathing tools of the patriarchy. Think I’m exaggerating? See this ... Read More
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The Way Forward from the Midterms

With the 2018 midterm elections now in the rearview mirror, Republicans have been awakened to a simple fact: The laws of political gravity apply to President Trump. Democrats won sweeping victories in the House, kept their Senate losses to a near-minimum despite a brutal map, and took down-ballot races with ... Read More