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Schumer: ‘Obamacare Passed With 60 Votes’ Wallace: ‘Umm. . .’

Sen. Chuck Schumer told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace that he still thinks the filibuster has a place, and that the 60-vote requirement should be reserved for important judicial nominees (but of course) and major legislation. Such as? Such as the Affordable Care Act, of course, which passed with 60 votes. Sort of . . .

SCHUMER: I am not for going to a house of representatives where 51 votes decides everything. but the filibuster has been overused. it’s not just used on major issues like very significant judges, supreme court leaders, the courts of appeal, health care, obviously, that shouldn’t have passed by 51 votes. it needed 60. but it is used on such trivial things and not by the whole majority. . . 

WALLACE: Wait, we’ll run out of time. Didn’t health care pass on reconciliation by 51 votes?

SCHUMER: Health care got 60 votes.

WALLACE: I thought there was a — when it finally came back it went on –

SCHUMER: No, but not — not until after it passed by 60 votes.

WALLACE: But on the changes it passed at 51?

SCHUMER: No. no. you have to do – 

WALLACE: . . . a technical point but you you are saying that you think there has to be reform?

SCHUMER: Correct.

Daniel Foster — Daniel Foster is a former news editor of National Review Online.

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