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Scientific Backlash against Global Warming Alarmism?

Amazing post over at the Prometheus blog about the tensions emerging between climate scientists and the alarmists who use their work to push for their policy solutions.  It confirms a lot of what some of us have been saying about the risks to the scientific process inherent in the politicization of the global warming debate.  Here’s something that should make anyone, wherever they are in this debate, pay attention:

I came to this place in a few ways. One was a colleague describing a caveat he put into his poster abstract out of fear — yes, fear! (He strongly called into question widely-quoted data supporting a decline in snowpack and advance in spring peak runoff in the northern Rockies.) Another was multiple colleagues giving me independent but similar blistering accounts of the GCMs they work on (upcoming post on this).

Read the whole thing.  Further thoughts from me on this here for those interested.


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