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A friend forwards me this email re: the Dartmouth elections:

Fellow Alumni,

The proposed new constitution for the Association of Alumni of Dartmouth

College failed to achieve the level of support necessary for passage in

all-media voting that ended October 31.

A total of 12,729 alumni (51 percent) rejected the proposal, while

12,041 alumni (49 percent) voted for it. None of the proposed petition

amendments to the current Association constitution received more than 53

percent approval. Approval by two-thirds of alumni voting was required

to pass any constitutional amendments. Accordingly, Dartmouth’s current

system of alumni governance remains unchanged.

Thirty-eight percent of eligible alumni (24,834) participated in the

vote, a record turnout of which we can all be proud.

Voting results for the additional four petition amendments to the

current constitution are:

Amendment #2:  Article VI (Order of Business)

12,074 voted to accept (51%), 11,587 voted to reject (49%)

Amendment #3: Article III (Meetings)

12,338 voted to accept (52%), 11,273 voted to reject (48%)

Amendment #4: Article VII (Amendments)

11,572 voted to accept (50%), 11,719 voted to reject (50%)

Amendment #5:  Article IV (Officers)

12,533 voted to accept (53%), 10,931 voted to reject (47%)

For a complete description of each amendment, please visit

The Association would like to thank the members of the Alumni Governance

Task Force who worked to create this proposal and bring it forward for

your consideration.


Stanley A. Colla Jr. ‘66 Tu’86


Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College

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