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President Obama is predictably — maybe even justifiably — receiving accolades this morning for the tax deal’s passage. Regardless, let us not forget who really deserves to take a bow:

First and foremost, the Tea Party movement. Morning, not more mourning, may just be on the horizon. And you play no small role in making it happen. 

The Boehner House, even before its time. Some might give no small part of the credit to Paul Ryan. But there is a leader and a whip, among others, who often go underappreciated. You don’t always have to be a YouTube sensation to lead. 

George W. Bush. So much for the Democratic party’s long-time talking point. 

With the defeat of the omnibus, Nevadans against Harry Reid had the victory they didn’t get on Election Night.

“Equal rights.” Women have the freedom to end their speakerships just as badly as any man.

And there are others, including hard-working staff who were reading through the omnibus outrage that Dems insisted should not be read. Apparently, when the options are to read it or to kill it, legislation is dead on arrival. 


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