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Scott Brown’s Book in Ten Random Highlights

As I mentioned, Massachusetts Republican senator (still odd to write) Scott Brown’s new book, Against All Odds: My Life of Hardship, Fast Breaks, and Second Chances, is in bookstores today. In it, as you may have heard, Brown describes being sexually abused by a camp counselor and preyed on by an older kid. But Scott Brown is not a pity-me guy, and this is not a pity-me book. He sums up the moral of his story: “The life I have led has, I hope, given me perspective, shown me the value of a second chance, of working for a greater good. Like those gossamer links of the spiderweb, each facet strengthens and reinforces the other.”

In no particular order, here are some outtakes from the new book by Senator Brown of Massachusetts:

BEAM ME UP, SCOTTER: Scott Brown got Joe Biden’s endorsement — well, after the election, anyway. Days after the vice president’s infamous off-color hot-mic incident, Biden gave Brown a tour of the White House. “Scotter” (what Biden called the senator-elect when he called him election night) made an off-color joke playing on it in return, and Biden announced: “You’re a wise guy, senator. I like that. We’re going to get along just fine.”

PRIMETIME LIVE: American Idol “has not been the same without Paula.” (Brown’s daughter competed in season five of the show. Brown writes that “Paula in particular was wonderful to Ayla.”)

TOTAL RECALL: In a potentially awkward encounter at the Palm with the Shriver family, Brown was much more excited to meet the Terminator than the governor of California.

MORAL ISSUE: Our current “level of government spending, where the taxpayers are stuck with the bill, is immoral.”

FATHER’S DAY: “Please measure me by my family. I can’t take the credit, but I couldn’t be more proud.”

CALL OF DUTY:  He writes about being a JAG lawyer: “Some of the most difficult days I had were the mobilization exercises: I had to prepare men and women, some young and some no longer young, to go overseas, and after 9/11, to go overseas to war. … For myself, and for other of my friends in the Guard, there’s a feeling of somehow not doing our part because we have not been called to extended active duty. For years, I’ve wished that I too could go over and serve, but, like all soldiers, I go where I am ordered.”

SERVING TEA: “I am proud that the January 2010 Massachusetts special election inspired candidates around the country to run for seats the following November. Would-be candidates and volunteers who might otherwise have sat on the sidelines got involved in the process. That is what we need to have a vibrant democracy. If my run for the U.S. Senate helped to motivate them, I am deeply proud of that.”

HOT STUFF: His first meeting in Washington, D.C., as a candidate for Senate was with John Bolton.

DIAL IN: A call into The Laura Ingraham Show in late November 2009 brought in $12,000 to his campaign.

DOWN TO THE WIRE: The morning after he won his state senate race in 2004, his wife’s television news station was reporting that he lost. “Well, that’s not what the Associated Press is reporting,” her editor protested. “I’m here with my husband,” the well-sourced reporter countered. “He won.” 

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