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Scott: Only Possible Reason for Obama Admin’s Internet Surrender Is Appeasement

Concerns over the Obama administration’s decision to relinquish the United States’ remaining oversight authority of the Internet continue to mount, and one lawmaker has a hard time coming up with any reason why it would be in the national interest to do so.

On Fox News on Monday, Senator Tim Scott (R., S.C.) worried about the repercussions of handing control over to “an unknown body,” particularly if it could potentially be done without congressional approval. “Whatever the reason for turning over any aspect of the Internet at this point, I think it’s a bad decision by the administration,”​ he said.

Others across the political spectrum have spoken out against the decision, including former president Bill Clinton, the Washington Post, the Heritage Foundation, and the Wall Street Journal.

The only reason Scott could think why the president would move forward with this decision was to try to appease other countries in an attempt to win diplomatic favor. Otherwise, “I think we get nothing out of it,” the senator said.


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