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Scott Thill & Community Colleges

I also woke up to a lot of email on my post on Scott Thill. No one came to Thill’s defense — everyone agrees he’s a self-evident poseur. But quite a few readers were shocked that the comments section at the Huff’n Puff supported him.  For example, from a reader:

  Thanks for pointing me to the Scott Thill post.

I laughed so hard I had to conclude it was a joke.

Nobody could have an IQ that low.

But, then I started to read the comments………

It’s truly chilling that so many posters agreed with him.

The collective IQ seemed to be around the freezing point

of water.    Now that’s ‘chilling.’

Alas, if you spend even a fraction of time reading the comments sections at even eggheady leftwing blogs (Tapped, for example) your faith in the good will and intellectual seriousness of the opposition will not be bolstered.

Now, for something serious: Community colleges. Several readers complained about my swipe at community colleges. Fair enough. I’m actually a big booster of community colleges and I think they play an unsung role in American social mobility. Everyone talks about what a great job European countries do, but they often leave out the contribution of American community colleges.  Sorry for the overly broad potshot.  


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