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Scott Walker Hints at White House Run: ‘Governors Make Much Better Presidents’

Fresh off Tuesday’s gubernatorial win, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is now strongly suggesting he’ll make a pass at the White House in 2016.

On Sunday, NBC’s Chuck Todd asked the Republican governor whether he would honor his “pledge” to serve out the next four years in Wisconsin. Walker demurred, saying only that “we’ll see what the future holds.”

“Do you defer to Paul Ryan?” Todd asked, referring to Wisconsin’s most high-profile Republican congressman.

“I’d be the president of the Paul Ryan fan club,” said Walker. “But I do think if we’re going to beat Hillary Clinton this next election, we gotta have a message that says Hillary Clinton is all about Washington. . . . We offer a fresh approach — any of us, now 31 governors across the country — have the executive experience outside of Washington to provide a much better alternative to the old, tired, top-down approach you see out of Washington, D.C.”

“Overall, I believe governors make much better presidents than members of Congress,” he added.

After winning two gubernatorial elections and staving off a recall effort in 2012, Walker is well-positioned within the many candidates vying for the Republican nomination in 2016.


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