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Screaming the Truth

The U.N. has reopened for business — who can be safe, except for dictators? — and I walked by it this morning, as I do many mornings. And, as on many mornings, people were screaming against the Chinese government: screaming about Tibet; screaming about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners; screaming about the brutality of the regime overall. I snapped a photo of the scene: here.

Barely a day goes by when I don’t receive, in my inbox, a report of another Falun Gong practitioner tortured and murdered in a prison camp. Meanwhile, what the West cares about is whether the darlings at Guantanamo Bay get four pedicures a week or five.

The protesters at the U.N. were screaming “Shame on the U.N.!” and “Shame on Wen Jiabao!” The Chinese premier is in town, doing his U.N. thing. I know what the protesters mean about the shame of the U.N., and of us all: We are mainly interested in kissing Red Chinese behind. You recall that Obama bowed — literally bowed — to Wen. (This was a bow that drew less attention than his bows to the Saudi king and Japanese emperor — I think it was the worst one.)

Oh, how the world loves Obama and his gingerliness toward China! The chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, in presenting the Nobel Peace Prize to our president, cited specifically “the Obama administration’s cooperation with Beijing.” And that was before our country, through an assistant secretary of state, basically apologized to the Chinese government for Arizona’s new immigration law — that was during “human-rights talks.”

You know, China has a gulag (laogai), we may ask people to prove they have a right to be here. Who are we to criticize a one-party dictatorship?

Look, I know we need to engage China — I’m all for it. But we don’t need to bow to their rulers, and we don’t need to apologize for our laws, or our human-rights record. And my heart belongs to the screaming Chinese and Tibetans outside the U.N. They should know that some people hear them.


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