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Sean Delonas Cartoon

I squirted coffee out through my nostrils in a most undignified way when I

got to the Sean Delonas cartoon on page 10 of this morning’s New York Post

On Dead Tree. The cartoon — it’s not online

yet — shows a bullfight

arena. A fierce snorting bull labeled TERRORISM is pawing angrily at the

ground while a matador labeled SPAIN cowered trembling out of sight behind

wone of the wooden wall thingies (sorry, been a while since I read my


Delonas is a national treasure. Probably an endangered species, too,

though. He doesn’t give a toss for Political Correctness — see his Feb. 15

cartoon, for instance. This, of course, will get you dead –

professionally, at least — in the U.S. today. Enjoy him while he lasts.


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