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Sean Duffy on Ted Cruz: ‘Thank God He Wasn’t Fighting at the Alamo!’

Republican representative Sean Duffy isn’t happy that Ted Cruz suggested Harry Reid can defeat the effort to defund Obamacare.

“I think the strategy that Ted Cruz has been advocating for – it’s really hard to win when you can’t get the Senate on board and he’s proving that by the very nature of his surrender,” Duffy said on The Laura Ingraham Show, referring to a statement Cruz issued Wednesday that admitted Reid could strip defunding language from the continuing resolution and called on House Republicans to “stand firm.” The statement set off a torrent of criticism from House Republicans, who argued Cruz was sabotaging the strategy.

“You can’t talk to the American people, you can’t talk to our bases on this strategy, and then completely roll over. Thank God he wasn’t there fighting at the Alamo!” Duffy said.  

The Wisconsin Republican argued delaying the implementation of the law might be a feasible alternative, saying, “I think Barack Obama might be grateful and go, ‘Listen, you guys are twisting my arm, you’re putting me in a tough position, but, okay, we’ll go with the delay.’”

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