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The Absurd Presumption of Seb Gorka

Seb Gorka wrote a letter saying he’d concluded that, with subversive forces taking over the Trump administration, he would be more effective fighting for MAGA outside the White House — a conclusion that happened to coincide with his firing from the White House. It’s not clear what Gorka was actually doing inside the White House besides appearing on cable TV and doing the bidding of Steve Bannon, whose own firing heralded Gorka’s inevitable ouster. So it may be correct that Gorka can be more effective on the outside because he was such a non-factor on the inside. And he is a true believer compared to, say, Gary Cohn. But is he — together with Bannon — really the keeper of the flame of Trumpism? Trump was Trump long before Seb Gorka showed up, and Trump will be Trump long after he’s gone. At least Bannon, together with Kellyanne Conway and Dave Bossie, helped Trump get over the top last November, a significant feat. As Trump never tired of pointing out, though, Bannon officially joined the campaign after Trump had vanquished the rest of the Republican field with the help of a rank amateur, Corey Lewandowski, and a sleazy insider, Paul Manafort. The constant was Trump, and so it will remain, for better and for worse.

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