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Sebelius: Can’t Provide Enrollment Numbers Because ‘System Isn’t Functioning’

Minutes after claiming that the website has ”never crashed,” Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius said she could not currently provide enrollment numbers because the federal exchange’s overall network isn’t working.

“The system isn’t functioning, so we are not getting that reliable data,” she said before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday morning.

Representative Lee Terry (R., Neb.) asked Sebelius if she would be willing to authorize insurance companies and contractors to release whatever numbers they have, but the secretary rejected the idea on the grounds that their numbers may not be “confirmed or reliable.”

Because the exchanges essentially need to enroll a certain number of customers to succeed, observers are eager to know the extent of enrollment for the exchanges, but the Obama administration has said that it will only release the enrollment figures on a monthly basis.


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