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Sebelius Unveils Obamacare Regulations Today

In a HuffPo op-ed the HHS secretary rolls out regulations for the new exchanges under Obamacare, making sure to rub Romney’s and Huntsman’s noses in them:

Bipartisan support for Exchanges isn’t surprising. When they are up and running, state Exchanges will save money for their residents by making the health insurance market more competitive and accessible, a goal that leaders from both parties can get behind. In fact, our nation’s first Exchanges were established by Republican governors in Massachusetts and Utah.

Today, we will be releasing draft proposals that set minimum requirements for Exchanges while giving states the flexibility they need to design an Exchange that works for them. These proposals build on over a year’s worth of work. In developing them, we looked at the models of Utah and Massachusetts. . . .

Sebelius will also speak on the regulations in an appearance at a Frager’s Hardware, a store in Capitol Hill. But store owner Jerry Weintraub is an Obamacare skeptic:

“I am not confident at all that Obamacare will lower my costs,” Weintraub told KHN Friday. “It seems like whenever the government does get involved in something like this,  it never works out.”

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