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The Second Amendment’s Latest Crime: Stopping Americans Voting

Well, it’s still early in the year, but we may have a winner for 2014’s Silliest Gun-Control Argument. From Bloomberg’s Christopher Flavelle comes the news that conservatives are not only trying to bring back Jim Crow by insisting upon identification requirements that are standard in almost every area of life, but that their penchant for the right to keep and bear arms is disenfranchising Americans, too. The argument is ingenious: Americans should vote; the best place for them to vote is in schools; there are school shootings; some states are worried about letting strangers onto school campuses; ergo, Americans will have their voting rights restricted by the Second Amendment. From the post:

In other words, to the many ugly consequences of America’s increasing embrace of gun rights, we can now add making it more difficult to cast a ballot. The commission proposes dealing with those concerns by sending children home on election day to keep them out of harm’s way; meanwhile, “teachers could use the day to perform administrative functions and conduct professional training.” (Some school districts, including New York City, already do so, while not necessarily citing safety as the reason.) It’s worth dwelling on the absurdity of it all: The profusion of gun violence means more U.S. communities feel compelled to weigh making voting easier against educating, and protecting, their children.

It is always interesting to watch the hilarious lengths that the opponents of the right to keep and bear arms will go to when they are losing the argument. This might be a new low.


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