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Second Bush Veto?

Will the President sign the fence bill?  As Jonah noted, Mickey Kaus thinks not . He further thinks that the whole thing–the Secure Fence Act 2006–my have been a scam against the Republican base, to give the illusion that Congress is “doing something,” when in fact neither the President nor Congress has any intention of doing anything.

That “fence” bill GWB signed last week?  Nothing to do with the Secure Fence Act, just a routine annual Homeland Security appropriations bill that included provision for about 150 miles of fence… though not an assurance it will be built.  Radio Derb listeners already know this.

Bush will wriggle, squirm, and lie (look at the CNN exchanges Kaus includes) to avoid doing anything about mass illegal immigration, which he adores.  The American people, who overwhelmingly want a secure southern border, are being betrayed.  I would not vote for this man again.  I am seriously weighing whether to vote for his party in November.


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