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Secretary Kerry’s Sarcastic Response to Hillary’s Email Scandal

Although Hillary Clinton asked the State Department to publicly release all the emails she has allowed them to see from her private account, Secretary of State John Kerry doesn’t seem interested in getting involved.

The former secretary’s exclusive use of a private email account and computer server to conduct official diplomatic business during her tenure sparked outrage across the political spectrum and likely violated federal law.

But during a press conference in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, the current Secretary of State struck a sarcastic tone when asked whether the department will make public all emails the Clinton Foundation provided to them.

“I think we have all the ones that are ’,’ which are appropriately the ones in the purview of the department,” he said. “But let me check on that, when I actually have time to pay attention to such an important issue when I get home.”

“Clearly, the State Department doesn’t seem to believe that this is a major issue,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said. National security analysts have said that Clinton’s use of a personal email put sensitive information at risk of foreign hackers, while legal experts have warned that Hillary could face jail time for violating federal statutes.


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