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A Secular Tribe?

Jonah, I’d be somewhat, well, sceptical about the idea of a secular ‘tribe’. If I had to guess, most secularists (well this one, anyway) are not very interested in ‘religious’ issues, at least at the philosophical level (its interest as a historical or cultural phenomenon is a different question). As a result, I doubt that they would muster up much enthusiasm for signing up for any ‘tribe,’ other, perhaps, than on an ad hoc basis to, for example, oppose ‘faith-based’ legislation that trespasses on what they consider to be their own private space, their right of free expression, or, only a little less perniciously, which squanders their tax dollars. Oh yes, efforts to deprive their children of the chance of a decent education based on reason, free inquiry and sound scientific research will also get them riled up. And quite correctly so.

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