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‘Seduced’ (with Tuba)

Becky and Bob Kevoian

Listeners in radio-land will know The Bob & Tom Show, starring Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold. Both of them are in the National Radio Hall of Fame. Becky Kevoian, Bob’s wife, should be in a hall of her own. She is a singer, writer (master tweeter), and all-around great American. At their wedding reception, she sang “Seduced,” a song popularized by Leon Redbone. No offense to Leon — but Becky really makes it sing. In the band is her brother, Rex Martin, one of the world’s top tuba players (really).

Anyway, this extraordinary performance is the finale of my latest Jaywalking, here. You got some Gershwin, some France, some baseball, some Stormy, and some Louisiana before you get to Becky — but her “Seduced” is the pièce de résistance (as they say in both France and Weeziana).


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