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Many thanks to Michael Novak for pointing out the Washington Post article by Richard Dawkins on the dangers of sexual jealousy and the reasonableness of infidelity. On his criticism of jealousy — Dawkins scores well; it is a horrible, if unavoidable, emotion and never a wise counselor. On the reasonableness of infidelity . . . is Dawkins trying to confess something?

The piece reminded me of an episode some years ago. I was drinking with two male conservative friends when one of them suddenly erupted in a passionate speech: “You two chaps are conservatives; I’m a man of the Right but not a conservative. I believe we must be free to flourish in whatever way our talents and desires take us . . ” And on in this vein for some time.

When the speaker went to the bar to order another round, the third person present said: “He’s committing adultery.”

He was too. His marriage broke up a few months later.

Probably just a coincidence of course, but some of us who lack the intelligence to understand atheism may still possess a peasant shrewdness on other matters.



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