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Seeing Nancy

Had the chance to see the funeral procession go by on 22nd Street about a half-hour ago. Many, many mourners, two or three deep on both sides of the street, with people on apartment balconies & fire escapes and in office windows. A moment I’ll never forget was that right after the hearse passed, the limo with Nancy followed, and she was waving from within. I’m basing this assessment on about a three second glance, but her face looked somewhat reassured. She seemed to almost have a smile – more a warm expression – looking out at all the mourners and flag-carrying Americans, standing in a light rain, saying one final farewell.

If all of this — the outpouring of love and appreciation for the former president in the public tributes, television coverage, newspaper and magazine features, the tens of thousands of American people willing to stand on line for hours upon hours to say farewell — if all of this has eased any of Nancy’s pain during this most difficult time, then every second has been worth it.


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