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Selection Bias Meets Media Bias

From a reader:  

The AP just posted an article purporting to

demonstrate that the science behind “An Inconvenient

Truth” is spot on.  The title is “Scientists OK Gore’s

movie for accuracy.”  The lead sentence gives it away

from the get go”

“The nation’s top climate scientists are giving “An

Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore’s documentary on global

warming, five stars for accuracy.”

However, if you read past this shilling for Gore, you

find that, of the 100 “top” scientists contacted for

the article, most had not seen the movie or read the

book its based on.  Of those who had, they seemed to

agree that Gore had his science right. 

What was never discussed would be that, given the

partisian nature of the movie, those who saw it were

most likely already in Gore’s camp on this issue.

Just my two cents.

Best of luck on the upcoming book and best to your


Keep up the good work.

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