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The Self-Beclowning Left

Being a numbskulled lefty media type means always having it both ways. A headline from Salon:

“Is the media reporting on the Penn State scandal to hurt conservatives? One insane person thinks so”

The headline just above it:

Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno, registered Republicans

To call this sort of thing puerile would be an insult to children.

The cheaply partisan contemporary Left makes me miss the old explicitly Marxist Left, at least a little bit. As the Marxists knew, the key to maintaining a paranoid, fantasy-driven worldview is maintaining a narrative that while wildly implausible is internally consistent, just as in sci-fi or horror movies. Which is why everybody knows that the Penn State scandal is really about Dick Cheney, Benjamin Netanyahu, Goldman Sachs, and the Iranians — obviously.

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